Sprague Family Tree

Francis Sprague
John Sprague
Samuel Sprague
Abiel Sprague
Abiel Sprague, Jr.(DAR)
Abiel Sprague
Eli Thornton Sprague
Asa Bonney Sprague
Herman W. Sprague, Sr.
Herman W. Sprague, Jr.

*** First Generation

Francis1 Sprague Arrived in Plymouth as a Purchaser in July 1623 on the ship Anne from London with wife Lydia (1602 - 1660) and daughter Anna. (Various references do not agree: his wife may have been Anna, and the daughter Lydia) He was a man of influence and property for those times. In 1623 he shared in the division of lands given to those who came on the Anne. (Every person was given one private acre.) In 1632 he settled in the NE part of Duxbury, MA. In 1637 was admitted as Freeman of the colony. Scholars are undecided, because of the inconclusive early records, but it appears that being elected Freeman had to do with the right to vote in Plymouth Colony affairs. This right was not extended to everyone. In 1632 he was also licensed to sell liquor. It appears that this was the first liquor license granted in the colonies. His license was suspended in 1638 (for imbibing too many of the sprits he sold) and renewed in 1640. (Ref: Saints and Strangers p. 235, 321) In 1645 he was one of the original purchasers of Dartmouth. In 1650 he was made Constable of Duxbury. "Mr. Sprague did not adhere strictly to the enactments of the civil code of the Puritan Fathers and was several times brought before the Court for what they considered departures from the strict line of duty. His ardent temperament and great independence of mind did not fully accord with the principles of the Puritans, but considered from the present standards of estimating the characters of men, he must have been a person of worth and great respectability. We know that he was the head of a most honorable and respected family of descendants." (Ref: Sprague Genealogy, Sprague Families in America, 1915 supplement by Frank H. Sprague) His death must have occurred shortly before 1669 as that is when his son John2 took over the running of tavern. (A separate source says his death was approximately 5-29-1670.) (Other reference: Planters of the Commonwealth)

*** Second Generation

Children of Francis1 Sprague and Lydia

1. Mercy Sprague m. William Tubbs on 11-9-1637

2.John2 Sprague b. 1635 d. 3-26-1676 m. Ruth Basset b. 2-12-1659 (daughter of William Bassett and Elizabeth ____ ) (Ref: Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, p. 153) Took over the managing of his father's tavern; was often jailed for being drunk. (Ref: Saints and Strangers, p. 450) Slain in Pierce's fight at Pawtucket in Philip's War.

3. Anna Sprague b. 1621 in England m. William Lawrence

4. Mary Sprague

5. Dorcas Sprague, m. Ralph Earle on 10-26-1659, settled in Dartmouth

*** Third Generation

Children of John2 Sprague and Ruth Basset

1.Samuel3 Sprague b. approx 1670 in Duxbury, MA. d. 7-25-1740 m. Ruth Alden (b. 1674 d. 7-2-1758, daughter of David Alden and Mercy Southworth, granddaughter of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins) on 11-29-1694, m. Sarah Chillingsworth b. 1674 d. 7-2-1758. Was chosen constable of Duxbury 3-6-1709 and held post only one year. Probably carpenter by trade. "The Descendants of this Samuel became very numerous for a time and were prominent and useful citizens in the communities in which they lived. For some reason the name became almost extinct and there are perhaps but a few Spragues of this day who are descended from him." (Reference: Sprague Genealogy, 1913 edition)

2. John3 Sprague b. approx 1656 d. 3-6-1727/1728 m. Lydia ?, m. Lois Abel. Was Constable of Duxbury in 1692. Probably weaver by trade. Rank of Lt.

3. William Sprague m. Grace Wadsworth (dau of Dea. John1 (Christopher2) and Abigail Wait. Chosen Surveyor of Highways 3-17-1708. Drowned 11-25-1712 by the upsetting of a whale boat.

4. Ruth Sprague b. 2-12-1659 m. Elizer Smith

5. Eliza Sprague

6. Desire Sprague b. approx 1665 m. John Gifford

7. Dorcas Sprague m. Joseph Hatch

Child of Mercy Sprague and William Tubbs

1. William Tubbs, m. Judith Baker in 1691

*** Fourth Generation

Children of Samuel3 Sprague and Ruth Alden

1.Abiel4 Sprague b. 11-10-1710 in Rochester (Hingham), MA, d. 10-24-1774 (or 1773) in Machias, ME, m. Elizabeth Ashley on 6-18-1730 (died in childbirth 10-24-1742), m. Hannah Smith on 6-2-1744. Lived 20 years on Great Tebascodegan Island, sailed to Machias in May 1763 on Capt. Buck's first vessel of settlers. Joel Bonney was also on the vessel. In 1769 petitioned for and was granted 250 acres on the south side of the Machias River.

2. Noah4 Sprague b. 1-18-1696-7 in Duxbury, MA d. 9-3-1773 m. Sarah Hammond b. 12-23-1695 d. 7-26-1778

3. Elizabeth Sprague b. 7-4-1699 d. 4-1780

4. Nathaniel Sprague b. 1-10-1702-3 d. 7-29-1739 Mariner.

5. Samuel Sprague n. 6-23-1704 d. 6-21-1727 m. Ann Barlow

6. Mary Sprague d. 4-19-1708

7. Priscilla Sprague b. 3-18-1709 m. Benjamin Hammond, m. Reverend Thomas West

8. Micah Sprague d. 9-1734 m. Elizabeth Turner

9. Ruth Sprague b. 8-30-1714 d. 4-9-1733

Children of John3 Sprague

1. Ephraim4 Sprague b. 3-15-1684-5 d. 1754 m. Deborah Woodworth m. Mary ?

2. Benjamin4 Sprague b. 7-15-1686 d. 1754 m. Mary Woodworth m. Prudence Denison, m. Abigail Hodge Tisdale

3. Samuel4 Sprague d. 5-21-1725 m. Mary Burt

4. John 4 Sprague b approx 1669 d. 1760 m. Mary Babcock, m. Hannah Burt

5. Lydia Sprague m. George Way of Lebanon

6. Irene Sprague b. Aaron Fish

7. Ruth Sprague b. 9-5-1704 m. Clodus Dillis

Children of William3 Sprague and Grace Wadsworth

1. Ruth Sprague b. 4-22-1702-1 m. Samuel Keen

2. Zeruiah Sprague b. 12-10-1704 m. Nathanial Chandler

3. Jethro Sprague b. 11-30-1709 m. Patience Bartlett, m. Bethia Sprague. Owned a farm and a country store. Chosen constable in 1748 but declined to serve. In 1761 built a "barque" and sailed with his family to Maine. Settled in Phippsburg area and engaged in lumbering and fishing.

4. Tarah Sprague b. 2-17-1711-12

*** Fifth Generation

Child of Abiel4 Sprague and Elizabeth Ashley

1. Abiel5 Sprague of Scarborough, Machias, Calais and Baileyville. b. 10-24-1742 in Merepoint, ME d. 2-7-1816 in Baileyville. m. Martha Bryant (d. 1837/8, daughter of John and Elizabeth Bryant) on 10-2-1766 in Scarborough. (Reference: marriage records in "Saco Valley Settlements and Families" by Redlon, p. 534, 1895, and includes Martha's birth records. Moved to Machias in 1763 with his father. Also was a member of the group which boarded the British sloop "Margaretta." (Ref: Sprague's Journal of Maine) and captured two additional British schooners on 6-12-1775. In Revolutionary War served as Private in Capt. Joseph Sevey's Company, Col. Benjamin Foster's regiment. Served at Machias when British ships lay in the harbor. (Ref: Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors In The War of The Revolution, Vol XIV, p. 749) Was on committee appointed by Committee of Safety to escort prisoners to Cambridge. (Reference: History of Machias by George W. Driskor) In 1779 moved to Grand Manan Island. with brother James, and Joel Bonney. Moved away at the request of the indians. Moved from Machias to Calais in 1781. Was active in the lumber trade. Was granted, along with brother James, 15,200 acres on the Digdequash River in New Brunswick in 1784. On September 1, 1792 bought 40 acres and received an additional 100 acres due him as a settler. Was the first settler at Sprague's Falls in 1794, later named Baileyville, then Woodland. Came as a member of the survey crew of Samuel Titcomb. The Abiel Sprague line has been researched by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Buried in family plot at Sprague's Falls.

Children of Abiel4 Sprague and Hannah Smith

2. James5 Sprague b. 1746 in ME, d. prior to 1800 in Red Beach, ME, lower ward of Calais. On 6-12-1775 was member of a group which boarded the British sloop "Unity" and, after subduing the crew, engaged the British schooner Margaretta" and captured her. The "Unity" was renamed the "Machias Liberty" and with that vessel the crew captured two other British schooners, the Diligence and the Tapnaquish, on 7-12-1775. (Reference: Sprague's Journal of Maine, John Francis Sprague: Encyclopedia Brittanica 1940) Served as Private in Capt. John Scott's detachment, under Col. Jonathon Eddy, in 1776 against the British garrison at Ft. Cumberland. Served in Capt. Jos. Sevey's company, Col. Benjamin Fosters's company, and was ordered to duty for the defense of Machias when the British ship "Ambuscade" lay in the harbor. (Reference: Massachusetts Soldier and Sailor, Vol XIV, p.754) Settled in Calais in 1781 and began work in the lumber trade selling to the Loyalists who lived on the Canadian side of the St. Croix River.

3. Ruth Sprague, d. 1758 in Scarborough, m. Nathanial Bolter

4. Servia Sprague m. Levi Dyer on 1-2-1761

5. Elizabeth5 Sprague m. Joel Bonney (his 2nd wife)

*** Sixth Generation

Children of James5 Sprague

1. William Sprague

2. James6 Sprague b. approx 1777 in Machias, ME, d. after 1850, m. Priscilla Noble. Served as Private in Capt. J. Keen's Company, Lt. Col. O'Shead's regiment in 1812 in Calais and Eastport. (Reference: Massachusetts Military in War of 1812)

3. Jeremiah6 Sprague b. 12-8-1786 in Calais, ME, d. 6-27-1881. Farmer. Received land grant in Digdequash, St. Patrick's Parish, Charlotte County, New Brunswick.

4. Stephen6 F. Sprague b. approx 1788 d. 9-21-1864, m. Mary E. Crocker, m. Phoebe Trafton. Was a member of the Masonic Order and sea captain of Machiasport.

5. John Miner6 Sprague b. approx 1789 on Grand Manan Island, served as Private in Capt. J. Keen's Company, Lt. Col O'Shead's regiment in 1812 in Calais and Eastport, m. Hannah Andres (Reference: Massachusetts Military in War of 1812)

Children of Abiel5 Sprague and Martha Bryant

1. Abiel6 Sprague b. 6-30-1776 Machias, ME d. 1849, buried in South Princeton Cemetery m. Leah Thornton (b. 3-9-1774 in New Boston, NH, daughter of Lt. Matthew Thornton and Mary Crawford) on 11-19-1797. While living in Mt. Tom in Charlotte he was attacked by an Indian. The Indian attempted to scalp him but Abiel crushed the Indian's skull, and then left the body where it fell. The next morning the chief of the tribe came for the body, and told Abiel, "Me no blame white man, me want body." A few years later he was again attacked by an Indian. He wedged the Indian's head between the rails of the fence, and left him there. Buried in South Princeton cemetery.

2. Captain Eli6 Sprague b. 11-4-1768 in Machias, ME d. 8-18-1850 in Princeton, ME. Buried in South Princeton Cemetery. Was farmer and lumber man. Settled with his father and Joel Bonney on Grand Manon and was an early pioneer along the St. Croix Valley. Owned land in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, and a saw mill in Charlotte County, New Brunswick. In 1792 bought land in Calais bounded on one side by Abiel. Was one of first settlers in Sprague's Falls. m. Sarah Jane Bailey (daughter of Nathaniel and Martha Emery Bailey), m. Jane Livermore Thornton (daughter of Lt. Matthew Thornton and Mary Crawford of St. Andrews, NB) in 1797. Was signer of Articles of Incorporation of Princeton in 1832. Buried in South Princeton cemetery.

3. Matthew6 Sprague

4. Elizabeth Chettis, orphan, m. Moses Bonney in 1801

Children of Elizabeth Sprague and Joel M. Bonney

1. Moses Bonney b. 1777 m. Elizabeth Chettis in 1801

*** Seventh Generation

Children of James6 Sprague and Priscilla Noble

1. Jonathon7 Sprague b. approx 1799

2. John Sprague b. approx 1801

3. William7 Sprague b. approx 1803

4. James Noble7 Sprague b. approx 1807 m. Abagail L. Clark

5. Charles Sprague b. approx 1808 m. Bathseba Bridges

6. Jemima Sprague b. approx 1811

7. Elijah Sprague b. approx 1813 d. 1-8-1892 m. Mary Ann Tibbetts

8. Stephen7 Sprague b. approx 1815

9. Harriet W. Sprague b. approx 1819 d. 8-11-1898

10. Daniel Noble7 Sprague b. approx 1825 d. 9-5-1901, m.Eunice E. Proctor, m. Mary Hanna Libby

11. Sophia G. Sprague b. approx 1828

12. Mary M. Sprague b. approx 1833 d. 5-6-1911, m. John Wood

Children of Jeremiah6 Sprague and Eleanor ?

1. Eleanor b. 1812 d. 1908 m. Gardner Reed

2. Mary Jane Sprague b. 9-26-1814 d. 6-6-1910, m. Rufus Mansor

3. Andrew Sprague b. approx 1815-20

4. Edward b. approx 1821 d. 8-31-1892

5. John E.7 Sprague b. approx 1824

6. William H. Sprague b. approx 1830-31

7. George W. Sprague b. 2-14-1831 d. 1905

8. Catherine Sprague b. approx 1834 d 3-2-1872

Children of Stephen6 F. Sprague and Mary E. Crocker

1. Lucinda Sprague m. Ebenezer J. Sawyer

2. Hannah Sprague d. 6-22-1904, m. Judson Steele

3. Amelia F. Sprague m. James W. Thompson

4. John W. Sprague b. 1832 sailor, died of yellow fever

5. Margaret A. Sprague b. 1834 m. Capt. James Peterson

6. Frank Stephen Sprague b. 4-10-1837 d. 4-27-1875 m. Elizabeth J. Peterson

7. Charles H.Sprague b. approx 1840 lost at sea

8. Sarah H.Sprague b. approx 1845, m. Francis Phinney

9. Adeline Sprague

10. Margaret Sprague

11. Caroline Sprague

12. Clementine Sprague

13. Mary E. Sprague

Children of John Miner6 Sprague and Hannah Andres

1. Aaron E. Sprague b. approx 1827

2. Lydia Sprague b. approx 1833

3. Emma Sprague b. approx 1836

4. John M. Sprague b. approx 1839

Children of Abiel6 Sprague and Leah Thornton

1. Moses7 Sprague b. 8-12-1798 in New Brunswick, m. Martha (Patty) Sprague Libby (daughter of Capt Eli6 Sprague and Sarah Jane Bailey), farmer and surveyor

2. John Sprague b. 5-29-1800 on New Brunswick (Heavenly John) m. Eleanor Collins

3. Hannah Getchell Sprague b. 4-20-1802 d. 8-12-1803

4. Hannah Getchell Sprague 2nd b. 10-12-1804

5. Rachel Sprague b. 1-30-1806 m. cousin John H. Sprague (Hellish John, son of Capt. Eli6)

6. Leah Sprague b. 2-14-1808 m. Charles Kincaide (Blacksmith)

7. Jane Sprague b. 10-15-1810 or 11-14-1810 in Sprague's Falls, ME d. 11-22-1901 m. James Bonney (b. 1803 d. 1870) son of Moses Bonney and Elizabeth Chettis

8. Eli7 Thornton Sprague b. 12-14-1812/3 in Baileyville, ME, d. 5-31-1875, m. Hannah Friez Averill (b. 6-24-1821 d. 1-9-1889, daughter of Aaron Averill and Sally Ayers) in 1850. Petitioned in 1843 to have his name legally changed to Eli Thornton Sprague to distinguish him from two other Elis in the area. Listed in 1860 US Census, p. 27, Washington County, Lanes Brook Post Office, Alexander, Maine, line 23

9. Sally Sprague b. 1-14-1816 m. George Babcock

Children of Capt. Eli6 Sprague and Sarah Jane Bailey

1. Nathaniel Sprague b. 11-41790 in Calais d. 2-17-1865 m. Nancy McClain

2. Eli7 Sprague b. 1-7-1788 d . 5-19-1869, buried South Princeton Cemetery, m. Rachel Hopps (b. 2-18-1789 d. 4-19-1836, daughter of John Hopps and Susanna Young), m. Sally Bryant Pineo (b. 4-7-1806 d. 8-1-1881, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Pineo), lumber and farming

3. Abiel7 Sprague b. 1793 in Calais d. 3-18-1853

4. Martha (Patty) Sprague b. 1794 m. Theophilus Libby, m. Moses Sprague (son of Abiel Sprague and Leah Thornton) (there are 2 separate listing for her children, one for each husband) Buried in South Princeton cemetery

5. Sarah (Sally) Sprague b. 1796 d. 1869 m. Ephraim Fogg

Children of Capt Eli6 Sprague and Jane Livermore Thornton

6. Matthew T.7 Sprague b. 7-18-1789 in Upper Mills, New Brunswick, d. 3-29-1889 at Princeton, m. Mary Brown (b. 3-25-1807, daughter of Sam Brown, 2nd settler of South Princeton). Lumber man, river driver. Was one of the first members of the Advent Church at Princeton, very religious.

7. Elizabeth Sprague b. 1820 in Baileyville

8. John H.7 Sprague (Hellish John) b. approx 1805 in ME m. Rachel Sprague, daughter of Abiel5 and Leah Thornton

9. Ezra C. Sprague b. approx 1807 in Baileyville, ME m. Martha A. Waldren. Was member of the Militia, Company E, Light Infantry located in Baring in 1840. Logging contractor.

10. Perez7 B. Sprague m. Elizabeth Bonney

11. Joseph Thornton7 Sprague b. approx 1808 in ME m. Mary R. Sprague(?) Logging contractor in Grand Lake Stream 1872.

12. Eleazor B. Sprague b. approx 1810 in New Brunswick m. Hepzepah ?

13. Ethan Allen Sprague b. 12-28-1811 in Baileyville, ME, d. 10-18-1889, m. Mary R. Sprague (?). Member of Militia, Company E, Light Infantry.

14. Sophronia P. Sprague b. 2-6-1822 m. Lewis Irish, m. Mr. Roberts, m. James Staples

15. Rebecca C. Sprague b. 1817, m. Benjamin Fickett

16. Catherine Young Sprague b. 6-25-1816 d. 1897, m. James Sidney Tyler

17. Mary Jane Sprague b. 9-2-1826 d. 10-2-1910 m. Alden Trott, m. William B. Carlyle

*** Eighth Generation

Children of Jonathon7 Sprague and Anna ?

1. Unice Sprague b. 1-4-1819 d. 7-13-1833

2. Elizabeth Sprague b. 8-9-1820

3. Calvin Sprague b. 5-14-1824

4. Edward Sprague b. 10-1-1826 m. Hepzibeth Sampson

5. Daniel Sprague b. 9-26-1830 d. 2-20-1832

6. Daniel Sprague b. 7-20-1833

7. John Sprague b. 6-25-1834

8. Cyrene Sprague (male) b. 3-8-1837

Children of William7 Sprague and Tamar ?

1. William C.8 Sprague b. 1828

2. Mary C. Sprague b. 1830

3. Izetta A.Sprague b. 1832

4. Isaac Sprague b. 1834

5. John M. Sprague b. 1837

6. Priscilla Sprague b. 1839

7. Levi W. Sprague b. 1842

8. Lucinda J. Sprague b. 1844

9. Cyrus E. Sprague b. 1846

Children of James Noble7 Sprague and Abigail L.Clark

1. Bela W. Sprague b. 1829

2. Margaret W. Sprague b. 1831

3. Mehitable S. Sprague b. 1833

4. Abigail W. Sprague b. 1836 m. 12-27-1852 Charles S. Thompson

5. Melissa Sprague b. 1838

6. Mary E. Sprague b. 1840 m. James A. Smith

7. Timothy E. Sprague b. 1842

8. Cyrus S. Sprague b. 1845 d. 4-10-1918 m. Nellie I. Lawless

9. Ezra D. Sprague b. 1847 d. 8-18-1917 m. Melissa Ackley

10. Nehemiah Sprague b. 1848 m. Fanny Gray

Children of Charles7 Sprague and Bathsheba Bridges

1. Charles8 Sprague d. 11-24-1847 in Indian attack on trip to Oregon

2. Heman Sprague b. 9-1827 d. 11-30-1909 m. Hannah Jordan

3. Eunice Sprague b. 1831

4. Lydia Sprague b. 1833

5. Thomas Sprague b. 1835 m. Angeline Higgins

6. Mary Sprague b. 1836

7. Sophia E. Sprague b. 1838

8. Cozomy Sprague b . 1840

9. Isaac L. Sprague b . 1841 m. Mattie L. Stevens, was in Civil War

10. Harriet Sprague b. 1848

Children of Elijah W. 7 Sprague and Mary Ann Tibbets

1. John Edward b. 1847 d. 5-14-1909 m. Olefa Larrabee

2. Issac P. Sprague b. 1854 m. Clara E. Hillard

3. Thomas Jefferson Sprague b. 4-12-1848 m. Rebecca Farris

4. Smith Sprague d. 10-1939 m. Mary Kinghorn

Children of Stephen7 Sprague and Sarah ?

1. Eri8 Sprague b. 1840

2. Emma Sprague b. 1843

3. Erbette Sprague b. 1845

4. Ava Sprague b. 1846

5. Elwin Sprague b. 1847

6. Everett Sprague b. 1849

7. Reuben Sprague b. 1855

8. Lucretia Sprague b. 1856

9. Selema Sprague b. 1858

10. Sarah Sprague b. 1859

Children of Daniel Noble7 Sprague and Eunice Emeline Proctor

1. Joseph Proctor8 Sprague b. 1857 d. 1919 m. Nellie Libby

2. James K. Sprague b. 4-27-1859 m. Alice M. Cates

3. Harvey Daniel Sprague b. 12-1861 d. 4-8-1933 m. Mary Caden

Children of Daniel Noble7 and Mary Hannah Libby

4. Fred A. Sprague d. 10-16-1935 m. Annie Murphy

5. Charles C. Sprague m. Linnie Huntley

6. George Sprague m. Cora Fenwick

7. Emma Sprague m. George Libby

8. Hattie Sprague m. Edward Ramsdell

9. Minnie Sprague m. Clifford Ramsdell

10. Edna Sprague m. Harvey Hooper 12-23-1903

11. Marion O. Sprague b. 1-1-1871 m. Stephen Kinghorn

Children of Frank Stephen7 Sprague and Elizabeth J. Peterson

1. Eloise Frank b. 9-17-1864 m. George L. Bateman

2. Annie Hattie Sprague m. Fred Benson

3. Mary Ella Sprague b. 9-6-1871 m. John Tuttle

Children of Moses7 Sprague and Martha Sprague Libby

1. Henrietta Sprague b. 1815 (?)

2. Eliza Sprague b. 1828 m. John Vance

3. Epely Sprague b. 1831

4. Ira Sprague b. 1834 d. 2-22-1865

5. Emeline Sprague b. 1838 m. Charles Tupper

6. Rachel Sprague b. 1843

Children of John7 Sprague and Eleanor Collins

1. Charles8 Sprague b. 1828

2. Sophia Sprague b. 1829

3. Hannah Sprague b. 1831

4. Fanny D. Sprague b. 1834

5. Thomas M. Sprague b. 1840

6. William T. Sprague b. 1842 m. Elizabeth Little

7. Alfreda Sprague b. 1845 m. ___ Piper

8. Lewis Sprague b. 1847 m. Nellie (or Ellen) Davidson

9. Adrianna Sprague d. 11-28-1868 during childbirth, m. James Little

Children of Jane7 Sprague and James Bonney

1. Nathaniel Bonney

2. John Bonney

3. Amelia Sedgerly Bonney

4. Stephen Bonney

5. William Bonney

6. Mary Ann Bonney

7. Moses Bonney

8. Nancy McClain Bonney

Children of Eli7 Thornton Sprague and Hannah F. Averill

1. Asa8 Bonney Sprague b. 1855 Baileyville, ME d. 5-21-1943, m. Ella Vilona Jones (b. 1863 d. 9-25-1935, daughter of John Jones and Miranda Sprague) Buried in Princeton, ME Listed in 1860 Census, P. 27 W ashington County, Lanes Brook Post Office, Alexander, Maine, line 28

2. Harriett Sprague b. 1849 d. 5-25-1933, m. Winfield Thornton (son of Abiel Thornton and Mary A. Sprague)

3. Calvin Sprague b. 1851 d. 2-24-1897

4. Seth Sprague b. 1852 d. 1936 in Eureka, CA

5. Clara Sprague b. 1859 d. 1899, m. Henry Cox

6. Leila Sprague b. 1862 d. 1899 m. Benton Scribner

7. Orrelia Sprague b. 1858 (?) while showing in 1860 census, not known by family relatives

Children of Nathaniel7 Sprague and Nancy McClain

1. Eli8 Sprague b. 1819 d. 1903 m. Sarah Carkin

2. Alden Sprague b. 1826 m. Lavina B. Mansfield, as Editor and part owner of Kennebec Journal, and Editor of US Democrat and Free Press

3. Benjamin F. Sprague b. 1828

4. Edwin Sprague b. 1834 m. Malvina Susan Kimball

5. Chester Sprague b. 1838

6. William Sprague b. 1840 m. Emma Martine

7. Emerline M. Sprague b. 1842

Children of Eli7 Sprague and Rachel Hopps

1. Nancy Sprague m. ___ Haley

2. Mary A. Sprague m. Abiel Thornton in 1843

3. George M. B. Sprague b. 5-20-1828 m. Rhoda Colwell, m. Margaret Bishop

4. Lucy Sprague m. ___ Hefferen

5. Henry A. B. Sprague b. 1835

6. William D. Sprague killed in Mexican War 1847

7. Maria Sprague b. 1827 d. 1-26-1869

8. Spencer M. B. Sprague d. 1888

Children of Sarah7 Sprague and Ephraim Fogg

1. Nathaniel H. Fogg b. 1823 d. 6-25-1844

2. Percy Fogg b. 1829

3. Ivory Fogg b. 1832 m. Ruth L. Sprague b. 1832 (daughter of Matthew7 Sprague and Mary Brown)

4. Sarah L. Fogg b. 1835

Children of Eli7 Sprague and Sally Bryant Pineo

9. William A. Sprague b. 1847

10. Adaline Sprague b. 5-1-1852 d. 8-8-1939 m. Scott M. Pinkerton



Children of Matthew7 Sprague and Mary Brown

1. Miranda8 Sprague b. 1829 d. 2-2-1890 m. John Jones (b. 1823 d. 1912, son of Samuel Jones and Sarah McFadden)

2. Ruth L. Sprague b. 1832 m. Ivory Fogg in Waite, ME, on 7-2-1869

3. Samuel B. Sprague b.1824 d. 4-7-1910

4. Almeda Knight Sprague b. 4-24-1837 m.George McDowell

5. Jane Sprague b. 12-1-1839 d. 6-21-1909 m. Obed Fickett

6. Byron Sprague

7. Matthew Sprague

8. Olive Sprague b. 5-14-1829

9. Amanda Sprague b. 5-14-1829

(Another source lists the name as Samuel B. with different dates of birth and death. Also listed in other s ources are Daniel Webster 1850 - died as a baby; William Thornton who married Mary Thornton, daughter of Joel Thornton; and Alden Sprague)

Children of Martha7 Sprague and Theophilus Libby

1. Henrietta Libby

2. James K. Libby

3. Sarah Ann Libby

4. Richard Libby

5. Theophilus Libby

6. Charles M. Libby

7. Mahala M. Libby

8. Isabell P. Libby

Children of John7 Sprague and Rachel Thornton 1. Statira Sprague b. 1829

2. Roanna L. Sprague b. 1835 d. 12-14-1903

3. Stilman Sprague b. 1838 m. Loretta Foster

4. Elvira R. Sprague b. 1842

Children of Ezra C. 7 Sprague and Martha Waldren

1. George M. Sprague b. 1849 m. Hattie Fenalson on 7-4-1875

2. Eva B. Sprague b. 1854 d. 4-13-1892 m. Phineas Calligan

3. Emerson Sprague b. 1856 m. Rose Belle Crosby 8-12-1879

4. Alonzo D. Sprague d. 8-22-1852

Children of Perez7 Sprague and Elizabeth Bonney

1. Perez8 Sprague b. 1828 d. 8-28-1899 m. Minverva Edgerly

2. Sampson Sprague b. 1830 d. 12-14-1914 m. Judith Tylor

3. Syrena Sprague b. 1833 d. 4-19-1902 m. Williams Sears

4. Eli E. Sprague b. 1834 m. Elizabeth Giggey

5. Elizabeth Jane Sprague b. 1826 d. 12-7-1889 m. Lundon (or Landon) McKetchnie

Child of Eleazor Sprague and Hepzebah ?

1. Spencer M. Sprague b. Baileyville m. Anne L. ?

Children of Joseph T.7 Sprague and Eunice Fickett

1. Sarah E. Sprague b. 1838 d. 1924 m. John E. Mitchell for 74 years

2. Ambrose Sprague b. 1840, Constable in 1877, m. Ruth Bagley

3. Helena Sprague b. 1842 m. T. Libby

4. Ephraim Sprague b. 1846 m. Maria Reynolds

5. Amanada Sprague b. 1848 m. Josiah Hosdon

6. Hilman Sprague b. 1852

7. Sedgerly Sprague b. 1855

Children of Ethan Allen7 Sprague and Mary R. (Sprague?)

1. Allen Sprague b. 8-28-1845 d. 12-25-1862

2. Bryon Sprague b. 4-6-1848 d. 9-30-1864

3. Benton Sprague b. 12-12-1851 d. 2-11-1869

Children of Sophronia P.7 Sprague and Lewis Irish

1. Mary Jane Irish

2. Cordelia Irish

3. Wilder S. Irish

4. Jedson Greeley Irish

5. Mahala Grinnell Irish

Child of Sophronia P.7 Sprague and Joseph D. Roberts

1. Charles Roberts

Children of Sophronia P.7 Sprague and James Staples

1. Huldah Hobbs Staples

2. Lucy A. Staples

3. James Staples

Children of Rebecca C.7 Sprague and Benjamin Fickett

1. Lydia Fickett

2. Louisa C. Fickett

3. Alice L. Fickett

4. Elizabeth S. Fickett

5. James E. Fickett

6. Leander Fickett

7. F. B. Fickett

Children of Catherine Young Sprague and James Sidney Tyler

1. Laura Louise Tyler

2. Judith Adelaid Tyler

3. Jane Elizabeth Tyler

4. Jerusha Katherine Tyler

5. Mary Martha Tyler

6. James Freeman Tyler

*** Ninth Generation

Children of Heman8 Sprague and Hannah Jordan

1. Elizabeth9 Sprague b. 1850 d. 1923 m. Benjamin Mylen

2. Julietta Sprague b. 1851 d. age 12 of diphtheria

3. Charles Sprague b. 1853, killed by falling tree

4. James F. Sprague b. 1873 m. Livinia V. Tucker

5. George Sprague m. Evelyn Ashby

6. Lucretia Sprague m. George Hamilton

7. Asa Sprague carpenter

8. Emma Sprague m. Thomas Phipps

Children of Isaac L.8 Sprague and Mattie L. Stevens

1. Robert9 Sprague

2. Thomas C. Sprague b. 1870 m. Lizzie Russell

3. Clyde Sprague

4. Minnie Sprague

5. Helen Sprague

Children of Joseph Proctor8 Sprague and Nellie Libby

1. Forest9 Sprague m. Madeline Sinclar

2. Winifred Sprague

3. Mabel Sprague

4. Harvey Sprague

5. Samuel Sprague m. Vera Sinclar

6. Kate Sprague m. Floyd Crosby

7. Milton Sprague

Children of James K.8 Sprague and Alice M. Cates

1. James Keith9 Sprague b. 6-20-1890 m. Grace Gray

2. Agnes Gertrude Sprague b. 2-3-1894 m. Howard Colbeth

3. Ralph Clifford Sprague b. 7-12-1895

4. Helen Irene Sprague b. 6-14-1898 m. Capt. Edwin F. Peterson

Child of Fred8 Aston Sprague and Annie Murphy

1. Arnold9 James Sprague b. 11-6-1900 in Lubec, ME d. 1-30-1989 in Machias, ME, m. Ruth Kenney (b. 3-3-1907, d. 9-24-1983, daughter of Aaron Leroy Kenney and Grace B. Ingalls) on 10- 18-1927

Children of Asa8 Bonney Sprague and Ella Vilona Jones9

1. Herman9 W. Sprague b. 1903 d. 1-31-1939 in Salem, MA. Buried in Princeton Cemetery m. Dorothy Perkins b. 8-22-1905 d. 12- 13-1951 (daughter of Joseph E. Perkins, plumber, b. Amesbury, MA; and Mabel Dodge, b. Wenham, MA)

2. Lowell E. Sprague b. 1886 d. 1967 m. Angelina Carson

3. Calvin Philip Sprague b. 1900 d. 1971 m. Evelyn Blake (d 12-14-94)

4. Margery Sprague 1892 to 1919 ? m. James Moffit

Children of Eli8 Sprague and Sarah T. Carkin

1. Emma A. Sprague b. 1840

2. Ellen A. Sprague b. 1842

3. Edward A. Sprague b. 1843

4. Edwin A. Sprague b. 1845

5. Eli A. Sprague b. 1848

Children of Alden8 Sprague and Lavina B. Mansfield

1. Charles9 Sprague b. 1844

2. Caroline Sprague b. 1846

3. Annie K. Sprague b. 1848

4. Alden W. Sprague b. 1849

Children of Edwin8 Sprague and Malvina Susan Kimball

1. Ida K.9 Sprague b. 1859 d. 7-14-1860

2. Grace Sprague b. 1867 m. Capt Albert Pillsbury

3. Lillian Sprague m. ? Copping

Children of George M. B.8 Sprague and Rhoda S. Colwell

1. Louisa C.9 Sprague m. E.A. Holbrook

2. Charles Sprague

3. Caroline Sprague

4. William Sprague

5. Addie Sprague

Children of George M. B.8 Sprague and Margaret Bishop

6. Marcia A. Sprague

7. Mary Etta Sprague b. 9-5-1875

8. Alden P. Sprague

Child of Miranda8 Sprague and John Jones

1. Ella Vilona Jones9 b. 1863 d. 9-25-1935 m. Asa Bonney8 Sprague (b. 1855 d. 5-21-1943, son of Eli7 Thornton Sprague and Hannah F. Averill)

2. Albert Jones

3. Clara Jones m. ________Colwell

Children of Perez8 Sprague and Minerva Edgerly

1. Adalaide9 Sprague b. 1856 m. Al Bean

2. Everett Sprague b. 1857

3. William Sprague b. 1859

4. Auretta Gertrude Sprague b. 1-25-1864

5. Syrena Sprague m. Howard Lackey

6. Edwin Sprague m. Effie Bonney

7. Valona Sprague

8. Ottie Sprague m. Vander Caele

9. Sampson Sprague b. 1875 d. 9-21-1894

Children of Eli E.8 Sprague and Elizabeth Giggey

1. Frank9 Sprague b. 1857

2. Wentworth Sprague b. 1859

3. Leila Sprague m. Everett Jameson

4. Robert Sprague m. Ethel Gardner

5. Ethel Sprague m. Silas Kelsey

6. Marcia Sprague

*** Tenth Generation

Children of Elizabeth9 Sprague and Benjamin Mylen

1. Mary Mylen10 b. 9-4-1877 m. George McGarcey

2. Heman Mylen b. 1880 m. Margaret Ferris

3. Katherine Mylen b. 1884 m. Clarence Huntley

4. Benjamin Mylen b. 1886

5. William Mylen b. 1888

Children of James F.9 Sprague and Livinia V. Tucker

1. Heman10 Sprague

2. Asa Sprague police officer, Calais

3. Bertha Sprague

4. Wilmont Sprague

5. Milford Sprague

6. Cecil Sprague

7. Mildred Sprague

Children of Arnold9 James Sprague and Ruth Kenney

1. Julian Kenney Sprague b. 5-19-1928 m. Barbara Frances Smith

2. Vernon Leroy Sprague b. 9-2-1929 in Machias, ME, m. Lois M. Ingalls on 1-26-1952

3. Marjorie Evelyn Sprague b. 9-23-1930 m. Arthur R. Pinkham

4. Ethelyn Joan Sprague b. 3-25-1935 m. Raymond DeSandre

5. Evelyn Joyce Sprague b. 3-25-1935 m. Harlan Dobbins

6. John Arnold Sprague b. 9-20-1939 m. Carole Ann MacKenzie

7. Carolyn May Sprague b. 5-12-1941 m. George H. Henderson

Children of Herman9 W. Sprague and Dorothy Perkins

1. Herman10 W. Sprague Jr b. 4-6-1924 in Beverly, MA. m. Elizabeth Jane Scull (b. 12-4-1926 in Ft. Sill, OK d. 4-10- 1993 in Arlington, VA) on 1-20-1951

2. Joseph Perkins Sprague b. 6-13-1927 m. Theresa Susan Innocenti

Children of Lowell E. Sprague and Angelina Carson

1. Herman L. Sprague d 1935/40 Marblehead, Boston

2. Bernice Sprague m. Raymond Nunan

Child of Calvin Philip Sprague and Evelyn Blake

1. Margery Sprague b. 1932 b. Frederick Pierce Jr., m. Richard Dreselly

*** Eleventh Generation

Children of Julian Kenney Sprague and Barbara Frances Smith

1. Peter Kenney Sprague b. 4-7-1956

2. Jeanne Viola Sprague b. 12-28-1957

3. Jon Arnold Sprague b. 6-10-1959

4. Andrew Merritt Sprague b. 2-22-1962

Children of Vernon Leroy Sprague and Lois M. Ingalls

1. Janet Lois Sprague b. 9-22-1955

2. David Leroy Sprague b. 8-13-1957

3. Douglas Eugene Sprague b. 10-3-1959, m Nancy Albee

4. Paul Timothy Sprague b. 1-8-1962, m Ruth Day

Child of Marjorie Evelyn Sprague and Arthur R. Pinkham

1. Rodney Arthur Pinkham b. 6-9-1950

Children of Ethelyn Joan Sprague and Raymond DeSandre

1. John Arnold DeSandre b. 6-8-1960

2. Anthony Raymond DeSandre b. 8-1-1961

3. Teresa Elizabeth DeSandre b. 7-18-1964

4. Maria Ethelyn DeSandre b. 5-27-1967

5. Martha Ruth DeSandre b. 7-1-1969

Children of Evelyn Joyce Sprague and Harlan Dobbins

1. Dwight Harlan Dobbins b. 5--19-1965

2. Donna Jean Dobbins b. 3-19-1967

Children of John Arnold Sprague and Carole Ann MacKenzie

1. Ralph MacKenzie Sprague b. 6-22-1962

2. Christopher John Sprague b. 4-5-1964

Children of Carolyn May Sprague and George H. Henderson

1. Deborah Ruth Henderson b. 2-9-1962

2. Lori Ann Henderson b. 9-7-1963

3. Jeffery Charles Henderson b. 7-14-1965

4. Peter Todd Henderson b. 2-26-1972

Child of Herman10 W. Sprague Jr. and Elizabeth Jane Scull

1. Sherie Jean11 Sprague b. 2-4-1952 Washington, DC m. Robert A. Winslow

Child of Bernice Sprague and Raymond Nunan

1. Janice Nunan b. 1934 m. Anthony Arragona, m. ? Robertson

Child of Margery Sprague and Frederick Pierce Jr

1. Philip Pierce b. 1956 m. Ann Schiefer

*** Twelfth Generation

Children of Douglas Eugene Sprague and Nancy Albee

1. Matthew Douglas Sprague b. 8-14-1985

2. Jeremy Robert Sprague b. 2-26-1988

3. Jason David Sprague b. 5-17-1990

Children of Paul Timothy Sprague and Ruth Day

1. Daniel Aaron Sprague b 7-5-1985

2. David Joseph Sprague b. 2-19-1987

3. Esther Ruth Sprague b. 11-15-1988

4. Paul Stephen Sprague b. 5-17-1990

Child of Sherie11 J. Sprague and Robert A. Winslow

1. William12 Burner Winslow b. 3-20-1971 Falls Church, VA

*** Thirteenth Generation

Children of William12 Burner Winslow and Sandi Routt

1. Steven13 Ashley Winslow b. 11-8-1991 Raleigh, NC

2. Kristen Nicole Winslow b. 10-7-1992 Farmville, VA

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